What is Sigma?

SIGMA is a mathematics league that promotes problem solving through competition. SIGMA provides opportunities for students to apply their mathematical knowledge in new and different ways by solving non-routine problems. SIGMA provides students the opportunity to compete NATIONALLY as individuals, as teams, and as schools.

Problem Solving

We feel that SIGMA will help improve the problem solving skills of each of your students.


Since 1979, over 4.5 million students from more than 350 schools around the world have participated in SIGMA.


Teachers of these students enthusiastically endorse participation in SIGMA.

Contest Design

The contests are general in nature, covering a wide range of mathematics found in the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th grade curricula. Different tests are provided for each of the different grade levels.There is no limit to the number of participants that each school may have and fees are not based on the number of students that participate. In fact each school is encouraged to have as many participants as possible. Any interested student is eligible to participate. Some schools use the contest materials for in-school use only and do not report the contest results, which is also an option.


There is a separate contest for grades 6, 7, 8, and 9, held five times throughout the year.


The contests consist of 8 questions with a 30 minute time limit.


Schools are divided into 3 divisions, based on grade level participation.


The highest scoring individual from each school will receive an award and lapel pins are awarded to the top scoring students nationally. Plaques will be given to the top schools in each grade and division. Awards will be based on the FINAL TOTAL SCORES.

Why Sigma?


Many students will not get all the questions correct, but the design of Sigma makes it easy for students and teachers to see their progress and improvement.


Sigma questions are not rehashing of questions from a text book, each question is unique and has a slight twist.

Competition Optional

Some schools like to compete, but others prefer the challenge and variety of problems offered by sigma. Regardless of participation in the competition, each teacher will receive statistics on the average score of each grade.


There is a different test written for each grade level, 6th through 9th.


Booklets of previous contests are available for purchase. Contact Leona Penner for further information.”


Some school districts require that a purchase order be issued before they receive an invoice from us. Please check the procedure for your situation.

Leona Penner

(402) 489-8376